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Vampires Live Clan Codes (Storm8)

iMobsters Mob Codes (Storm8)

Vampires Game Clan Codes (Gameforge Productions GmbH)

Paradise Island Friends Codes (Game Insight, LLC)

War Game Alliance Codes (Gameforge Productions GmbH)

Knight Game Order Codes (Gameforge Productions GmbH)

Zombies Live Clan Codes (Storm8)

Pets Live Team Codes (Storm8)

Racing Live Crew Codes (Storm8)

Ninjas Live Clan Codes (Storm8)

Kingdoms Live Army Codes (Storm8)

Crime City Mafia Codes (Funzio, Inc)

Mob Wars Mob Codes (Metamoki Inc.)

Nuclear War West Field Alliance Codes (GameZen)

Three Kingdoms Heroes Alliance Codes (GameZen)

Nuclear War East Field Alliance Codes (GameZen)

Age of Legends Guild Codes (Uken Games)

Forces of War Alliance Codes (Uken Games)

Pirates of the Caribbean | Master of the Seas Pirate Codes (Disney)

Turf Wars Invite Codes (MeanFreePath)

High School Hero Student Invite Codes (Zhurosoft)

World War Alliance Codes (Storm8)

Stone Age Game Clan Codes (Gameforge Productions GmbH)

Steampunk Game Alliance Codes (Gameforge Productions GmbH)

Underworld Empire Ally Codes (Phoenix Age, Inc.)

Dark Galaxy Clan Codes (Uken Games)

Jet Fighters Clan Codes (Machine Zone, Inc)

iMob 2 Alliance Codes (Machine Zone, Inc)

Fantasy Hero Clan Codes (Zhurosoft)

Modern War Allies Codes (Funzio, Inc)

Superheroes Alliance Alliance Codes (Uken Games)

Villains Alliance Codes (Uken Games)

The Simpsons - Tapped Out Friends Codes (Electronic Arts)

Monster Warlord Alliance Codes (Gamevil)

Kingdom Age Allies Codes (Funzio, Inc)

Cosmic Clash Alliance Codes (KongZhong Group Companies)

Knights & Dragons Friends Codes (GREE, Inc.)

Galaxy War - The new Colony Alliance Codes (GameZen)

RPM Racing Pro Manager Crew Codes (GameZen)

Castle Age Guild Codes (Phoenix Age)

Arms Cartel Cartel Codes (Pixel Addicts)

Doomsday Preppers Prepper Codes (G5 Entertainment)

Lords & Knights Alliance Codes (XYRALITY GmbH)

Dino Island Friend Codes (DOODLE MOBILE INC)

Mafia Planet Family Codes (Crowdplayce)

Rock Battle Live Band Codes (Storm8)

MinoMonsters Friend Codes (MinoMonsters, Inc.)

Trade Nations Friends Codes (Z2Live, Inc)

Civilization War - West World Alliance Codes (GameZen)

Zombie Lane Friends Codes (Digital Chocolate, Inc.)

Monster Quest Allies Codes (GREE, Inc.)

Mafia Game Gang Codes (Gameforge Productions GmbH)

Civilization War - East World Alliance Codes (GameZen)

Crime War Gang Codes (GameZen)

Fantasy War Codes (GAMEVIL Inc.)

Farm Story Storm8 ID (Storm8)

Downtown Mafia Mob Codes (DynamicNext)

Mobster Wars 3D Storm8 ID (Storm8)

I Am The 1 Percent Colleague Codes (Longboard Labs, LLC)

I Am Santa Claus Friends Codes (Longboard Labs, LLC)

Battle Nations Friends Codes (Z2Live, Inc)

Dragon Story Friend Codes (TeamLava)

Age of Empire Alliance Codes (Silent Ocean)

Crazy Tribes Alliance Codes (XYRALITY GmbH)

Titans Mobile Alliance Codes (Something Big)

Castle Story Friend Codes (TeamLava)

Home Design Story Friends Codes (TeamLava)

Monster Story Friend Codes (TeamLava)

City Story Metro Neighbor Codes (TeamLava)

Pet Hotel Story Storm8 ID (TeamLava)

Pet Shop Story Neighbor Codes (TeamLava)

Zoo Story 2 Neighbor Codes (TeamLava)

Restaurant Story Neighbor Codes (TeamLava)

Bakery Story Friend Codes (TeamLava)

Fashion Story Neighbor Codes (TeamLava)

Nightclub Story Neighbor Codes (TeamLava)

Empire Story Friend Codes (TeamLava)

Treasure Story Neighbor Codes (TeamLava)

The Tribez Friend Codes (Game Insight, LLC)

Dragon Realms Alliance Codes (GREE, Inc.)

Original Gangstaz Friend Codes (Machine Zone, Inc)

Brave Frontier Friend Codes (Gumi Inc.)

Knight Storm Invite Codes (505 games)

Beyond the Dead Invite Friend Codes (GREE, Inc.)

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